Southern New England Conference Begins

The Southern New England Conference officially came into being with the New Year, and the change is becoming more and more visible.

At the end of December, the Conference's Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office, establishing it as a nonprofit. On Jan. 1, employees of the three historic conferences became employed by the Southern New England Conference.

Perhaps more visibly, the Conference launched a new Facebook page and new website  - - and all staff now have email addresses that end in

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Rhode Island Staff is Shifting; Office Closing 

With the launch of the Southern New England Conference comes some changes to the staffing in the historic Rhode Island Conference. 

Rev. Chuck Ericson, who has been serving as the the Interim Regional Minister for the Eastern Region of the Connecticut Conference for the past 18 months, began supporting Rhode Island Association churches as well beginning Jan. 1. Rev. Bob Nolan will complete his time of service as part-time Chief Financial Officer, and the Rhode Island office at Edgewood Congregational Church in Cranston, RI, is closing. 

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Stories from 2019 from CT, MA, and RI

For the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island Conferences of the United Church of Christ, now referred to as the "historic" conferences, the long- anticipated formation of the Southern New England Conference is here. And with it, it the new website.
All the stories we shared across the three conference websites can be viewed in the new site, including the 160 stories we shared in 2019. 

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Event of the Week

Webinar: Confronting Violence in Houses of Worship
Thursday, Jan. 9

Sponsored by the Insurance Board, with Michael McMasters, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and Ryan Neumeyer, Attorney at Law. 

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