Southern New England Board Takes Historic Steps

On the surface, the actions of The Southern New England Conference Board of Directors on Saturday appeared to be dry, non-controversial stuff.

They were, however, far from boring.

"These are historic votes," said Elizabeth Reinhardt, the attorney who has been consulting with the Board on the unification process.

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Delegate Counts Will Change for Some Churches 

The formation of the Southern New England Conference is bringing about a lot of changes, and one may be how many delegates churches should be electing to attend Annual Meeting.

Churches with up to 300 members will have three delegates, with more added in increments for larger churches.

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I Have Work To Do. So Do You

Don Remick, reflecting on the recent Conference Minister tour of Civil Rights sites in Alabama, writes: 

"That image of children (the age of my grandkids) ripped from their families, sold for labor in fields, treated like nonhuman property, lynched for the most callous of reasons, mangled by bombs, set upon by dogs, would be a perpetual theme throughout the time. And it was only one aspect of the history. A history which is also a current event."

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Wake Up, Turn Around, Enbridge

Gretchem Elmendorf, a pastor involved in a heated battle against construction of a natural gas compressor station in Weymouth, MA, writes:

"Do you feel the call at Advent or simply during this time before Christmas and the New Year to Wake Up? So often as our spiritual lives grow, the same word can take on a different resonance year by year. This year, I hear WAKE UP, the Lord is near, as a clarion call to wake up and save our climate for humanity’s sake."

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Event of the Week


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Considering starting something new in your church?  This two part event will provide tools and company for pastors, in partnership with church leaders, to enhance capacity to pilot new initiatives. An optional Online Zoom on Jan. 7 will help those who did not attend General Association to prepare for this event.

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