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25 Years of Korean Partnership Celebrated

Daehler Hayes Remembered

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Spotlight: Interfaith Youth Learn About Their Similarities

By Drew Page, News and Media Editor

In a time when lines drawn between groups of people get darker and more defined, Newtown Congregational Church (CT) is making efforts to break barriers and show young people that they have more in common with youth of other faiths than differences.

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"Unless": Looking for an Alternative to Fossil Fuel

by Lois Happe, UCC Green Activist

I remember the day I discovered The Lorax at my neighborhood bookstore.  I was looking for a Christmas gift for my children; Dr. Seuss’ books were always a good choice.  His whimsical stories often carried a serious message and this one was no different...It was only a few years beyond the first Earth Day and I, being a willing recruit to the movement that was beginning to understand we were plundering earth’s resources, was inspired by the prophetic word, ‘unless.’

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Event of the Week:

Community Accountability in Restorative Justice

The Massachusetts Conference United Church of Christ Restorative Justice Task Team, in collaboration with Unity Circles, is bringing Lauren Abramson, Ph.D., to Boston on November 16, for a presentation and dialogue on community accountability and restorative justice. 

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Worker Justice is Climate Justice

Free UCC Webinar, Thursday, November 14,  1 – 2 PM
As the climate movement pushes our society toward being fossil-free, how can we ensure that the transition happens in a way that is just and fair for workers?  Read


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