Countdown to Annual Meeting

Delegates To Be Asked to Approve Foundational Justice Commitments for New Conference

The leaders of the soon-to-be Southern New England Conference are asking delegates to the Nov. 1 & 2 Annual Meeting to stand on the 600-years of combined Annual Meetings in their histories and begin as a new Conference by putting foundational justice commitments in place.

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Online Hearing Recordings Available

Recordings from six online hearings and information sessions regarding issues to come before the Annual Meeting are now online.

Find them here, along with supporting documents



Registration is now closed for the meeting. People who wish to attend worship and plenary may register at the door. 
The schedule and documents are here

Tickets will also be sold for the Valarie Kaur Keynote Address only.  Get details here


The Power of Partnership

Rev. Shawn Fisher, Senior Pastor at First Congregational Church of Bloomfield, CT, reflects on his church's partnership with various community groups, which is getting food to more than 80 families in need every weekend. He writes:

Partnerships aren't easy.

They take work. If done right, they often take more work than doing something on your own. But when you work at partnerships, you build Relationships... and through that you build Community.

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Mission Co-Worker Speaks On War and Peace in Colombia

Global Ministries Mission Co-Worker Michael Joseph has spent the later part of October touring local churches in Connecticut to share the impacts of his work in the war-torn nation of Colombia. He says:

"In terms of a local church or an individual sitting in a room thinking what does this mean for me, what does this mean for my local church, what does this mean for my denomination, I want folks to do some good in the world and that can go in many, many directions."

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Event of the Week:

Faith Formation Leadership Training 
Various Dates 2019 - 2020
Onsite AND online

These classes are for lay persons, church staff persons, youth ministry leaders, and authorized ministers who want to further their education and understanding about the Bible, theology, faith formation for all ages, and Christian practices in the United Church of Christ. 

Read more about the program by Debbie Gline Allen here

Find details and registration here


Three Things I Wish Every Church and Pastor Knew About Being Prepared

The Rev. Don Remick, drawing on his experience working in disaster recovery and as a fire department chaplain, shares things he wants churches and their leaders to know as the frequency and intensity of natural disasters increases.

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