The 32 General Synod of the United Church of Christ wrapped up on Tuesday, June 25. More than 100 delegates, staff and visitors from the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island conferences (many in the above picture) attended.

A Photo Album by Drew Page, featuring many members of our conferences, can be found here.

A Synod newsletter from earlier in the week, which featured coverage of the vote to unite our conferences, can be found here.

News Updates from General Synod

Here is a sampling of articles with direct connections to our conferences. Complete Synod coverage can be found at

Delegates pass resolution denouncing acts of white supremacy

Delegates of General Synod voted to approve a resolution denouncing acts of violence in the name of hate groups on Monday, June 24. The Connecticut Conference, UCC, brought the resolution, titled “Denouncing Acts of Violence, Hatred, and Racism Carried Out in the Name of Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist Ideologies.”

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General Synod supports 'listening campaign' to address resolution process

Twelve United Church of Christ members, many from the Massachusetts Conference, in the belief that changing the resolution process could make the UCC’s biennial national gathering more effective in its Christian witness, proposed a resolution this year with very specific instructions for creating an action team to work on making such changes.

However, the committee that considered the resolution preferred to  “create a listening campaign..."

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Synod calls U.S. to pull back from brink of nuclear war

The United Church of Christ’s national deliberative body reaffirmed its commitment to global peace by overwhelmingly passing a resolution urging the United States to change its nuclear arms policies and to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  The resolution was submitted by a group of local churches, many from the Massachusetts Conference.

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Many Voices, One Mission: Together

By The Rev. Kent Siladi
Connecticut Conference Minister

I am writing this from the delegate table at General Synod in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the 62nd Birthday of the United Church of Christ. It doesn’t get more UCC than that! Yesterday the delegates of this General Synod voted “yes” on the resolution to form a new Conference in Southern New England. This is the culmination of years of praying, discerning, conversations, and decisions that came together with the approval of General Synod to move forward.

General Synod is an amazing gathering of the church. It is like life. There are high moments of joy, there are low moments of conflict and division and there is the movement of the Holy Spirit that is palpable throughout. 

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Reflections from Synod Delegates

Below is a sampling of blog posts submitted by our delegates.
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Table - The Rev. Timoth Sylvia
"And still, a healthier option could have been to sit at the table for conversation and learning. 
To sit at the table and break bread.
To crack open hearts. 
To drink deeply of a cup common to all."
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Let’s Get To Work! - The Rev. Holly Norwick
"When the Spirit moves us in a direction she is inevitably much faster than our beloved congregational polity. It is a perpetual dance of innovation and tradition, leaping toward the new while honoring the timeless."
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Catching Clicks is Really, Really Hard - The Rev. Matt McCaffrey
"Each delegate has a passion for this work, and feels the imperative to have their vote recognized. Each of us represents a larger part of our United Church of Christ: an association, a conference, a mission group that works somewhere in the world to express love of God and love of neighbor."
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Break the Silence - Dawn Sorensen
"For me, the worship and workshops at the Gathering embodied the simultaneous truths that many of us have experienced hurt and trauma as a result of our identities, which continue to be marginalized, and that this hurt need not keep us from living with joy as God’s beloved."
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