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In June, the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island weekly conference email newsletters went on hiatus while a plan was developed for communications in the new conference. Tiffany Vail shares details of that new plan, and invites feedback.   Read

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Church Uses Victorian History to Invite Community

Read how a Mass UCC church created its own “Victorian Christmas” after being inspired by a CT UCC church at a Conference-sponsored worship workshop.  Read

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LGBT Asylum Seeker at the Border Released to UCC Church

47-year-old Selbyn Montoyo walked for five months from Honduras to the Mexican border to seek asylum, only to be assaulted while in detention due to his sexual orientation. He is now safe, thanks to a Worcester, MA, church.  Read

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Event of the Week:

General Association: Ancient Gifts, New Gatherings
Sept. 23 - 24
The Hartford Marriott, Farmington, CT

Discover new ways to frame your ministries for Millenials, Dones, Nones and all the good folk. With Angie Thurston and Sue Phillips of How We Gather.
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